With a foreword by Peter Moss, Editor-in-Chief of Cage & Aviary Birds and Bird keeper who says: Chirpy's tips are popular with the young and not-so-young, the beginner bird keeper and even the more experienced hobbyist - in fact, anyone who wants essential birdcare facts presented in a highly readable form with a chuckle thrown in for good measure.

Birds have been kept as pets for about 5000 years. Why? They are easy to care for and make inexpensive, active and colourful companions. Which species of bird would you like to keep? Are you attracted by a tuneful song or pretty colour? Or would you prefer a bird which will hop on to your finger and talk?

This book will help you choose the best bird for you, tell you how to look after it and give you lots of interesting facts about your hobby.

John Earley, the author, is an established writer about cage and aviary birds. He is perhaps best known for creating 'Chirpy', a monthly, instructional cartoon featured in the magazine Bird keeper. Gordon Parkinson, the illustrator, succeeds in making Chirpy male or female (it doesn't really matter) at the same time as amusing and informing you.

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