Ever since his childhood intro­duction to the American Eskimo Dog, author RICHARD G. ("Rick") BEAUCHAMP has been success­fully involved in this breed and in practically every facet of purebred dogs: breeding, exhibiting, profes­sional handling, publishing, writing, and judging. He has assisted in writing the official breed standards for several breeds, including the Eskie, and has lectured extensively throughout the world.

In 1964 Rick purchased Kennel Review magazine and developed it into one of the dog world's leading breeder-exhibitor magazines until publication was ceased upon his retirement in early 1992. It serves as the standard of excellence in its field to this day.

As a breeder-exhibitor he has been actively involved in breeds of nearly all the Variety Groups and his Beau Monde Kennel has produced quality dogs of a variety of breeds.

Formerly a judge of all breeds with the Federacion Cynologique Internationale, he has judged championship events many times in all parts of the world. Rick is now judging in the United States for both the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club.

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Διαστάσεις 14.5*22 εκατοστά, σελίδες 160

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